Troubled Times: Episode 3

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Demonstrating adaptability and the need for sustained adaptability Projections made in previous TT episode The projections made in Episode 2 are largely confirmed by experience during the summer. Private communications with individuals on these topics reveal substantial levels of stress and stress-related disturbances, notably sleep cycle disturbances, vivid dreaming, varying degrees of anhedonia, strained personal […]

Troubled Times, Episode 2

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Operators and Organizations Coping with Prolonged and Stressful Emergencies We’ve made some observations over the past month about how tech organizations are adjusting their practices as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s still too early to synthesize these observations into what we might call “patterns” but some of them do appear to be taking […]

Some Observations On the Messy Realities of Incident Reviews

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1) Incident reviews serve multiple purposes. Some of these purposes are overt and explicit but many are not.  Some of these purposes cut across others in unproductive ways. Competing agendas reveal the power dynamics present in the organization. A manager who complains that too few action items were produced has revealed his/her real interest: the […]