3/18 shortages

Another 3 way conversation recorded

Protective gear shortages:

Ohio Governor’s briefing says insufficient protective equipment (PPE) in state and actions to “conserve” supplies.

A colleague just got a story from a nursing friend: all the nurses received their ONE paper bag last night with their PPE in it which they were instructed to “reuse” for the duration of this outbreak. They only received 1 pair of goggles and 1 of the n95 mask (which is the flimsy mask most people dispose after a few uses if not the first). She quoted it as “dark times”. Since this PPE is crucial for limiting exposures and contamination’s within the hospital, this shortage will make clinicians jobs significantly harder as well as unpleasant. They referred to having to reuse the n95 mask as “disgusting” and “unsanitary”. In general, it feels like “an army war zone” right now!

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