Troubled Times

Troubled Times: Episode 3

Demonstrating adaptability and the need for sustained adaptability Projections made in previous TT episode The projections made in Episode 2 are largely confirmed by experience during the summer. Private communications with individuals on these topics reveal substantial levels of stress and stress-related disturbances, notably sleep cycle disturbances, vivid dreaming, varying degrees of anhedonia, strained personal […]

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Troubled Times, Episode 2

Operators and Organizations Coping with Prolonged and Stressful Emergencies We’ve made some observations over the past month about how tech organizations are adjusting their practices as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s still too early to synthesize these observations into what we might call “patterns” but some of them do appear to be taking

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Troubled Times, Episode 1

The Criticality of Sustaining the Deployment Pipeline During COVID-19 Much thanks to the members of the Learning From Incidents community who helped review and contribute to drafts of this post! The world is in crisis but I feel like the approach that tech companies around the world are taking to immediately add significant bureaucracy to

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