Some Observations On the Messy Realities of Incident Reviews

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1) Incident reviews serve multiple purposes. Some of these purposes are overt and explicit but many are not.  Some of these purposes cut across others in unproductive ways. Competing agendas reveal the power dynamics present in the organization. A manager who complains that too few action items were produced has revealed his/her real interest: the […]

The Negotiability of “Severity” Levels

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What does the term severity mean, in the context of incidents involving software systems? Merriam-Webster gives us this: “the quality or state of being severe: the condition of being very bad, serious, unpleasant, or harsh.” Here are a few colloquial definitions: “Severity measures the effort and expense required by the service provider to manage and resolve an […]

Hindsight and Sacrifice Decisions

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A few weeks ago I tweeted this thread which references sacrifice decisions and contrasts some facets of the Knight Capital (2012) case and the NYSE trading halt (2015) case: On Aug 1, 2012, a company named Knight Capital experienced a business-destroying incident. Much has been written about it, but that’s not the topic of this thread. […]